P Male Delay Spray 15ml

Product Description

Get a little too excited? Get some delay spray!

This delay spray is compact and lightweight, which is easy to carry and use. It has good result for primary premature ejaculation, secondary premature ejaculation, specially for premature ejaculation caused by too many maturbation. All male can use this delay spray. Easy to be absorbed, rapid onset, bathing does not affect the results, besides, it can be used for oral sex.

Very safe millions of men has used, proving that the product is secure, no dependence, which will not affect male reproductive function.

How to use

30 minutes before intercourse, spray 1-2 drops on the penis glans and coronary sulcus, avoid urethra. Suggest don’t spray the front part of glans, so that to keep the sensitivity and maintain the stimulation pleasure during sex.

If first time use, spray as little as possible, in case of ejaculation difficult or no ejaculation, adjust volume next time use.

  • If penis injured, don’t use this delay spray.
  • Not suitable for people with impotence.
  • In order to keep health and hygiene, please clean the penis before oral sex.

Applicable group: men with premature ejaculation, who wanna delay sex time to 30-60 minutes.

Not suitable for people with ED problem.

Specification: 15ml.

Store in cool and dry place, away from sunshine.

Keep it out of the reach of Children.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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