Frequently Asked Questions

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Bacteriostatic Water

What is bacteriostatic water, and how is it different from sterile water?

Bacteriostatic water contains a bacteriostatic agent that prevents the growth of bacteria, while sterile water is simply free from living organisms. Unlike sterile water, bacteriostatic water ensures that bacteria won't grow in the solution.

Is it legal to buy bacteriostatic water, and do I need a prescription?

The legality and prescription requirements for bacteriostatic water vary by region and intended use. In most places, it's legal when bought from reputable sources like, but a prescription might be needed in some cases.

Why is there sometimes a shortage of bacteriostatic saline, and how can I find it?

Shortages can occur due to manufacturing delays, increased demand, or logistical issues. To find bacteriostatic saline, check with trusted suppliers like that maintain steady supplies.

Where can I buy quality bacteriostatic water and saline products?

Quality bacteriostatic water can be purchased from reputable online sources like, which complies with legal regulations and offers a variety of products.